E15 Error

Description: Brake Failure

Repair Time: 20 Minutes

Repair Instructions: Replace Handlebar Assembly

  1. Take off the screws on the sides of the handlebar head and under the headlight (Philips)
  2. Disconnect the brake wire from the handlebar
  3. Unscrew the right handlebar grip
  4. Take the handlebar head off the scooter
  5. Take out the 4 screws inside the handlebar head, this will allow you to take off the plastic display cover
  6. Unplug the wire connecting the handlebar to the scooter
  7. Take off the 2 bolts holding the headlight on (5mm)
  8. Take off the 3 screws holding the display into the handlebar head (Philips)
  9. Unplug the throttle wire from the display and pull it out of the handlebar head
  10. Remove the old throttle from the handlebar (2.5mm)
  11. Feed the new throttle wire into and connect it to the display
  12. Put in the 2 headlight bolts (5mm)
  13. Connect the scooter wire to the display
  14. Screw in the 3 display screws (Philips)
  15. Put handlebar head back on the scooter
  16. Connect the brake wire
  17. Screw the right handlebar grip back in

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