Voyager Radius Pro Electric Bike


Turn Any Commute into an Adventure with the Radius Pro from Voyager! Ditch the car and make your daily commute fun with the Radius Pro! With a comfortable ride, long range battery, and high speed, your ride will be the most fun it’s ever been! The Radius Pro from Voyager will get you from point A to B in no time at all! The Radius Pro Turns any Bumpy Road into a Smooth Ride! The Radius Pro combines a rear disc brake, front and rear suspension, and 16” pneumatic tires to create an extremely comfortable ride, no matter the road conditions. You won’t feel a thing as the thick tires and advanced suspension absorb all the shock from any bump in the road! Easy to Store and Take Anywhere You Go! The Radius Pro can fully collapse and be stored easily, and with a convenient carrying handle you can take it on the go wherever you go! Small enough to carry onto busses and trains, your commute has never been so easy!

  • 18 Mile Range and 22 MPH: The Voyager Radius Pro has a long range to get you where you need to go fast!
  • Smooth and Comfortable Ride: With the Radius Pro, the comfort seat is adjustable for many different heights!
  • Rear Disc Brake: Have to stop on a dime? The Radius Pro features a rear disc brake so you can safely stop moving
  • Suitable for All Ages: The Radius Pro from Voyager has a maximum weight limit of 330 pounds, making it suitable for everyone!
  • Fully Collapsible: The Voyager Radius Pro can collapse fully and comes with a convenient carry handle when the adventure is over

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Radius Pro Repair Guide

  • Error 006

    Description: Battery Under-Voltage

    Repair Time: 30 Minutes

    Repair Instructions: Replace Handlebar Assembly

  • Error 007

    Description: Motor Failure

    Repair Time: 60 Minutes

    Repair Instructions: Replace Motor

  • Error 008

    Description: Throttle Failure

    Repair Time: 30 Minutes

    Repair Instructions: Replace Handlebar Assembly

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