Newair 840 Count Electric Cigar Humidor


True cigar aficionados know that maintaining optimal conditions is crucial for preserving the flavor and aromas of each special stick. The NewAir 840 Count Cigar Humidor makes it easier than ever to store your collection properly, thanks to cutting-edge climate control features that let you set temperature and humidity at the touch of a button. Peek-In™ Spanish cedar drawers and LED lights add style and function to a cigar cooler that’s roomy enough for even the most avid collector.

  • Built-in humidification system helps manage moisture levels.
  • Extra-large capacity provides room for 840 individual cigars for collectors.
  • Opti-Temp™ controls both heating and cooling for full temperature control.
  • Peek-In™ Spanish cedar drawers preserve cigars and create a stylish display.
  • Door rimmed LED lights make it easy to find the perfect cigar in seconds.

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