Hover-1 Journey Electric Scooter


The Journey will take you there. It’s not only big on range; it’s also big on high end features. The Journey has a 350W brushless motor, built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery, electronic throttle and foot brake, LED headlight, an LED display, and easy connectivity. Want to go fast and far? Your Journey is waiting!

  • LED headlight and LED Display
  • 350W brushless motor reaches up to 14 mph (22 kph)
  • Heavy duty frame supports up to 264 pounds
  • Operating temperature: 32-113ºF (0-45ºC)

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Journey Repair Guide

  • E1 Error

    Description: Motor Error

    Repair Time: 25 Minutes

    Repair Instructions: Replace Motor

  • E2 Error

    Description: Accelerator Error

    Repair Time: 5 Minutes

    Repair Instructions: Replace Handlebar Assembly

  • E6 Error

    Description: Control Board Communication Error

    Repair Time: 20 Minutes

    Repair Instructions: Replace Controller

  • E7 Error

    Description: Battery Over-Voltage

    Repair Time: 10 Minutes

    Repair Instructions: Replace Battery

    1. Flip scooter over and take off the bottom (2mm)
    2. Unscrew the battery from the scooter (Phillips)
    3. Unplug the battery and charger wire
      1. The charger wire will either be red with shrink wrap over it or black with a snap connecter
    4. You may have to use a tire spoon to free the battery from sticking to the scooter
    5. Do in reverse to put the new battery in
  • E9 Error

    Description: Brake Failure

    Repair Time: 5-10 Minutes

    Repair Instructions: Tape Brake Sensor Wire OR Replace Handlebars

    1. Keep brake lever pulled
    2. Pull out the brake sensor under the brake lever
    3. Cut a piece of electrical tape about an inch ½
    4. Fold it in thirds long ways, sticky side out
    5. Wrap it around where the sensor and wire connect
    6. Put sensor back in the housing
  • Flat Rear Tire

    Description: Rear tire doesn’t hold air

    Repair Time: 25 Minutes

    Repair Instructions: Replace the rear tire

    1. Remove the rear reflectors (Phillips)
    2. Remove the bolts holding the wheel on (4mm)
    3. Take off the rear tire
      1. You may have to remove the brake caliper to get the tire off (5mm)
    4. Slide the new tire on
    5. Screw in the 2 bolts that hold the wheel on (4mm)
    6. Put the rear reflectors back on
  • Product Manual

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