Hover-1 Highlander Electric Scooter


It’s time to take your scooter game to a whole new level with the Highlander. This powerful eScooter is built to hit speeds up to 15 mph and cruise along for 9 miles worth of ride time in a single charge. Not to mention, the Highlander looks as great as it rides. Featuring an electronic and foot brake and a bright LED display & headlight, you can ride hard and bright at any time of day. Highlander comes equipped with two 6.5” pneumatic tires and a 250W brushless electric motor for a neat and comfortable ride with maximum stability.

  • Max Speed is up to 15 mph
  • Max Distance is up to 9 miles
  • Max Load is 264 lbs
  • Max Incline is 20 degrees
  • Tire Size is 6.5 inches
  • Built in Rechargeable Battery
  • Easily folds away to ensure simple storage and transportation.

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