Hover-1 Buggy Hoverboard Attachment


Experience the excitement of your Hover-1™ hoverboard in a whole new way by converting it to a road buggy! The Hover-1 H1 Buggy has dual hand-operated joy sticks that give you unbelievable maneuverability. The frame is adjustable to match your size and it’s fully compatible with most 6.5 and 8 inch hoverboards, as well as some 10 inch models. Adjustable straps provide a secure fit to your hoverboard.

  • Convert your electric hoverboard scooter into a road buggy with Hover-1 Buggy Attachment & cruise the streets. Compatible with most 6.5″ & 8″ Hover-1 & non-Hover-1 hoverboards
  • The seat attachment features hand-operated joy sticks on either sides that allow complete control and easy maneuverability, while the independent rear wheel drive allows for quick turns and forward/reverse driving
  • The adjustable straps with rubber protectors securely attach the buggy to your electric hoverboard scooter and ensure total safety, while the adjustable frame length allows for customized and comfortable riding
  • The go-kart attachment includes all the necessary mounting gear like screws, wrenches, nuts, washer and other spare parts required for assembling the go-kart. The manual includes a step by step installation guide for your assistance

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