Hover-1 Alpha Electric Scooter


Enjoy getting around the city with this Hover-1 Alpha electric folding scooter. The built-in Bluetooth speaker lets you stream your favorite playlists from your smartphone, and the LED headlight provides visibility at night. This Hover-1 Alpha electric folding scooter runs at up to 18 mph to let you reach destinations quickly and has a disk brake for a smooth stop.

  • 400W brushless motor – Speeds up to 17.4 mph.
  • Foldable design – Easily folds away to ensure simple storage and transportation.
  • Weight capacity – The scooter can handle any rider weighing up to 264.6 lbs.
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker – Pairs with your mobile device to play music while you ride.
  • Disk system, mechanical and electronic brakes – Help the scooter come to a complete stop safely.
  • Handlebars – Have an electric throttle and a disc brake.
  • Deck – Extra wide for maintaining comfort.
  • Age Guidelines – 15+
  • Assembly notation – Minimal assembly required.
  • Product Weight – Weight of 34.4 pounds.
  • Battery information/Charger information – Comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Tires – Front and Back 10 inch- air filled tires allow for greater stability.

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