Hover-1 Alpha Electric Scooter


Enjoy getting around the city with this Hover-1 Alpha electric folding scooter. The built-in Bluetooth speaker lets you stream your favorite playlists from your smartphone, and the LED headlight provides visibility at night. This Hover-1 Alpha electric folding scooter runs at up to 18 mph to let you reach destinations quickly and has a disk brake for a smooth stop.

  • 400W brushless motor – Speeds up to 17.4 mph.
  • Foldable design – Easily folds away to ensure simple storage and transportation.
  • Weight capacity – The scooter can handle any rider weighing up to 264.6 lbs.
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker – Pairs with your mobile device to play music while you ride.
  • Disk system, mechanical and electronic brakes – Help the scooter come to a complete stop safely.
  • Handlebars – Have an electric throttle and a disc brake.
  • Deck – Extra wide for maintaining comfort.
  • Age Guidelines – 15+
  • Assembly notation – Minimal assembly required.
  • Product Weight – Weight of 34.4 pounds.
  • Battery information/Charger information – Comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Tires – Front and Back 10 inch- air filled tires allow for greater stability.

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Alpha Repair Guide

  • E1 Error

    Description: Motor Failure

    Repair Time: 45 Minutes

    Repair Instructions: Replace Motor

    Back Tire Motor:

    1. Take off scooter deck (3mm)
    2. Unplug all motor connections to the control board
    3. Unscrew the motor wire holder (Philips)
    4. Feed the motor wire out of the deck
    5. Take off the back reflectors (Philips)
    6. Take off the back tire (5mm)
    7. Do in reverse to put new back tire on
  • E2 Error

    Description: Accelerator Failure

    Repair Time: 5 Minutes

    Repair Instructions: Replace Handlebar Assembly

    1. Unscrew the handlebars from the shaft (4mm or Philips)
    2. Disconnect the brake line from the brake lever
      1. You can either completely unscrew the brake adjuster bolt and pull it out, or align it so you can pull the brake line through the bolt
      2. Disconnect the end of the brake line from the holder on the brake lever by pulling the lever so you have access to it
    1. Slide the handlebars out of the shaft
    2. Disconnect the handlebar wire
    3. Do in reverse to put the new handlebars on
  • E6 Error

    Description: Control Board Communication Failure

    Repair Time: 15 Minutes

    Repair Instructions: Do you have to hold the power button to keep the scooter turned on?

    • Yes? – Replace Handlebar Assembly
    • No? – Replace Controller
  • E7 Error

    Description: Battery Over-Voltage

    Repair Time: 10 Minutes

    Repair Instructions: Replace Battery

    1. Take off scooter deck (3mm)
    2. Cut the zip-tie holding the battery wire
    3. Unplug the battery wire and charger wire
      1. The charger wire will either be red with hot glue on it, or black with a snap connecter
    1. Take off the battery cover (3mm)
    2. Unscrew the battery (Philips)
    3. Do in reverse to put the new battery in
  • E8 Error

    Description: Controller Error

    Repair Time: 15 Minutes

    Repair Instructions: Replace Controller

  • E9 Error

    Description: Brake Failure

    Repair Time: 10 Minutes

    Repair Instructions: Tape Brake Sensor Wire

    1. Keep brake lever pulled
    2. Pull out the brake sensor under the brake lever
    3. Cut a piece of electrical tape about an inch ½
    4. Fold it in thirds long ways, sticky side out
    5. Wrap it around where the sensor and wire connect
    6. Put sensor back in the housing
  • Front Tire Valve

    Description: Front tire valve is too deep to reach with the pump

    Repair Time: 10 Minutes

    Repair Instructions: Remove Plastic Wheel Cover

    1. Remove front reflectors (Philips)
    2. Take off axle (5mm & 6mm)
    3. Use tire spoon to break off plastic wheel cover
    4. Remove silver valve extender
    5. Put axle back through 1 fork
    6. Put washer on axle
    7. Push axle through tire
    8. Put washer on other side of tire
    9. Screw in axle (5mm & 6mm)
  • Charger Light Stays Green

    Description: Battery Discharged

    Repair Time: 60 Minutes

    Repair Instructions: Jump the Battery

    1. Plug in the scooter to charge.
    2. Spin the motor wheel with a drill until the charger light is flashing.
    3. Wait until the charger light turns red. 
    4. Wait 30 minutes for the battery to charge.
  • Product Manual

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