Frigidaire Evaporative Cooler & Heater


When you live in the desert, bone-dry air can lead to wild temperature swings, but the ultra-convenient 2-in-1 Evaporative Cooler with Heating keeps you comfortable no matter what the season. The evaporative cooler provides refreshing breezes in the summer, and the built-in heater keeps you toasty in the winter — all while adding some much-needed humidity to the air. Easy-glide casters and an integrated handle make it easy to position, while the removable water tank makes refills a snap. Efficient, eco-friendly technology lets you enjoy personal comfort anywhere you go — without breaking the bank on your electricity bill.

  • One appliance does it all: evaporative cooler and space heater.
  • Lightweight body, sturdy handle and easy-glide casters provide portable convenience.
  • Removable 1.45-gallon water tank offers easy, no-mess refills.
  • Choose your ideal fan speed, mode, and two oscillation styles for customized comfort.
  • 353 CFMs offers personal cooling to cover small bedrooms, personal seating areas and rooms up to 215 sq. ft.
  • Eco-friendly evaporative cooling saves energy and money in desert climates

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